Nic on the issues



Stop talking, start doing. Every year politicians tell us they're fixing our roads and investing in transit - and every year the problem gets worse. We're never going to bring new jobs to Tampa when people can't get to work, and we're never going to fix this problem with the same old bad ideas.



Nic has spent his career working with local businesses. He knows that workers and employers both deserve an advocate who will level the playing field, promote cooperation, and make it easier to hire and grow in Tampa.



Washington and Tallahassee are broken - we can't count on them to fix our schools. It's up to us to create safe schools that prepare our kids for a lifetime of success. The city needs to step up with wraparound services, after school programs, and learning opportunities that engage kids, keep them out of trouble, and open them up to new interests and careers.



When we can't count on local government to look out for our best interests, it's clear something is broken. Nic is committed to increasing transparency and accountability for elected officials so that voters can finally have some faith in their leaders.



Safe and affordable workforce housing needs to be a priority for Tampa - and not just for those who can't afford the rent. A stable home promotes neighborhood pride and social responsibility while lowering crime and economic uncertainty - and it's just the right thing to do. Every child deserves a roof over their head and a safe place to grow up.